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Students can earn their QTEM degrees only if they also have received degrees from their home universities. They are expected to have completed two or more international experiences by the time they graduate, as well as an internship. The international experiences might be two exchanges with other schools within the network, or one exchange with another school and an internship at an international company. Every school within the network can select a maximum of 20 students to be admitted into QTEM every year. HSE University select 10 students from Moscow and 10 from St. Petersburg campuses.

Only students from the following Masters programs are eligible for QTEM Masters Network. HSE – Moscow:

  • Business Analytics and Big Data Systems
  • Business Informatics: Digital Enterprise and Information Systems Management
  • Electronic Business and Digital Innovations
  • Innovative Technologies in Supply Chain Management
  • International Management
  • Investment Project Management
  • Marketing: Digital Technology and Marketing Communications
  • Strategic Management and Consulting
  • Strategic Management of Logistics and Supply Chains in the Digital Economy

HSE – St. Petersburg:

To be considered, students

  • must have GMAT/GRE score (min 650, 600 in case of exceptional profile)
  • must have accumulated impressive academic credentials, while taking a high number of analytical courses;
  • must be approved by a panel of academic and corporate members.

Students pay their travel and lodging expenses for the international exchanges, but they have no additional tuition costs associated with the QTEM degree.

Programme design

The QTEM Master programme combines semesters at home university, semesters abroad, and an internship. As a result, by the end of the programme students spend two semesters at home university, two semesters at two universities abroad, and undertake an internship either in their home country or abroad.

QTEM Degree certifies:

  • Qualifying GMAT
  • An international experience in at least 3 countries 2 exchanges, or 1 exchange and 1 international internship
  • Minimum 22 quantitative credits (ECTS) per exchange relying on existing courses at each Academic Partner with full English curriculum (with accessible courses in local language)
  • An analytical internship abroad or at home preferably at a Corporate Partner (Short-term (300 hours) or long-term (600 hours)
  • 50% quantitative courses in curriculum
  • A specialization (QTEM Module) completed during the Master

Please to find the details of QTEM tracks and QTEM-modules on QTEM Power Point presentation and on the QTEM website.


Application must be must be submitted online (ссылка на форму регистрации)

Specific programme requirements:

Motivation letter limited to 600 words (required)

In this letter, please, explain your interest in this particular programme and demonstrate your analytical skills. The analytical expertise could be proven by submitting a certificate of internship or a paper from a research conference. Abstracts and links to the publications on HSE webpage or LMS HSE, term papers and other relevant documents are also considered.

GMAT certificate with a minimum score of 650. (or minimum 600 GMAT score and exceptional file)

This certificate is not required for the first selection round, but has to be submitted if the applicant is selected for the programme.

Reference letter in English written by HSE lecturer (optional)

This letter confirms applicant’s analytical skills if no any other evidence are provided.

The selection is mainly based on GMAT/GRE and GPA but a motivation letter, certificates, and reference letter are considered all other things being equal.

Applications should be sent during the last year of Bachelor or the first year of Master.

For students doing their Bachelor at HSE St. Petersburg: application has to be submitted before mid-February For students doing their Bachelor in another institution: application has to be sent before mid-May of the last year of Bachelor (undergrad)

HSE St. Petersburg organizes GMAT preparation modules twice a year. For students enrolled at Master in Finance, Master in Management and Analytics for Business with GMAT score above 700, the School compensates their costs on passing the test


For application contact:

Ekaterina Popova (HSE Moscow): outgoing.fbm@hse.ru

Kseniia Boiko (HSE St.Petersburg): kboiko@hse.ru


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